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Do I need to use Kick the BuddyHack ?

Kick the Buddy is a ragdoll-bashing arcade game from Happy Racing co-creator Chill Fleet. The goal is to use a variety of weapons and other objects, aka “Stuff,” to beat up a surprisingly optimistic and only temporarily killable doll. While advertised more as a stress reliever than an actual game, Kick the Buddy does feature unlockables and achievements to work towards, as well as a pseudo-point system via the Bucks earned for clobbering Buddy.
Keep your Character busy
The easiest way to earn free currency and Stuff is to simply open the game at least once a day. There is a new log-in reward every day you play, with large bundles of Bucks ranging from 350 to 1500 Bucks as the primary prize. If you log in for 15 days straight, you’ll earn at least 5,100 total Bucks this way.
Take advantage of Quests and To-Do activities
These items help in increasing your ability to earn money. Quests offer more money and rewards than to-do activities. However, T0-Do items appear everyday while Quests are added the more you advance in the game.
Make sure you level up
Level up your Game by earning points by completing various activities.
Spend wisely
As a new Kick the Buddy player, you may be tempted to get but the 'finer' things in the game. Spending your money on a beautiful amount of Gold will cost you a handsome amount of money. Also, avoid spending money in the fashion shops. It may seem like a cool thing to do but it will cost you a lot.
Watch ads
Ads are a simple way to get currency without having to work for it. After completing tasks the game offers an opportunity to watch an ad and get extra cash. The amount of reward depends on the length of the activity that you were undertaking. You can also look for areas marked with a blue triangle to activate ads.
Real world offers
You can take advantage of offers that the game occassionally gives you to purchase currency using real world cash. You may find some offers that are worth your money.
These methods will ensure that your smiling all the way to the bank.
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Kick the Buddy - A Popular Mobile Game

The two currencies in Kick the Buddy are Bucks and Gold. Gold is a premium currency that can only be earned by purchasing it directly with real cash, or occasionally earning it as a log-in bonus. Bucks can be netted in both of these ways as well, but you can also collect it via simply playing the game—beating up Buddy.

Both currencies are used to purchase the “Stuff” used in your never-ending war on Buddy, although items cost either one or the other. You cannot buy Stuff that costs Gold with Bucks, and vice versa, so you’ll need both in order to kit out your arsenal.

Gold and Bucks start at $0.99 for 100 and 1,000, respectively, but there are quite a few items that cost much more than this individually. We recommend grinding a bit via the tactics below before opening your wallet.

The game itself is free, but there are many payment avenues within the game. Firstly, there's the option to buy more cash in the game. Cash can be exchanged for Gold or more darts or incubators, or to speed up the refresh of a battling arena, otherwise it's 15 minutes between battles. Cash is earned in-game, but there is the option to buy cash with real world money, up to a staggering £95.99.

There's the option to earn "free cash" in exchange for completing other actions, which range from placing a £5 deposit on a gambling app to achieving a level in another game. At best, it's a desperate attempt to monetise the game.

This review can be concluded by asserting that Kick the Buddy is a free-to-play game which is certainly worth your time. In case you happen to be a daydreaming worker, a bad student, a commuter, or just somebody who likes to have something to play with, this game is not going to disappoint you in the long will definitely help to kill your boredom and make you feel rejuvenated at the same time.

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